Magick & Sage Metaphysical and Occult Shop

My little shop has been just an idea since 2018. With it in the back of my mind, I have been doing tarot readings for those who've needed guidance on their journey through life and I've always loved having the ability to help those who are at a crossroads in life.

There has been a longing to want to do more for people in a spiritual way, to help give them that boost they need in certain areas of their life. Whether it be in love, with work, with luck, or protection from unseen energies, I've wanted to be able to give people the tools they need to help them along the way.
On July 20, 2022, I finally worked up the courage to start gathering and make Magick & Sage a reality instead of just a thought. I wanted to use what I've learned and what I know to help my fellow sisters and brothers in and outside of magick. With that said, all my products are made from what I've learned and documented up until now, even still nit picking and perfecting my craft so that I can offer the best possible items and tools for those to work with. When you're practicing witchcraft, you're always learning and always growing, and I intend to do that here with Magick & Sage. One of my dream goals is to own a physical business solely dedicated to the metaphysical and witchcraft, as there aren't very many businesses who specialize in that locally. Etsy allows me to push towards those goals and I am extremely thankful for that.
I operate as a solitary witch, who dabbles in a little bit of everything, who works closely with the Goddess Hekate & Goddess Aphrodite, my ancestors, and spirit guides. Everything I create and put together is done right in my own home (cleansed weekly!) with the fullest intent; everything is made with a purpose.