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Apollo's Herbal Incense Blend - Greek God of Archery, Healing, Sun and Light, Prophecy

Apollo's Herbal Incense Blend - Greek God of Archery, Healing, Sun and Light, Prophecy

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Add Charcoal Discs? (See Description):

A plastic 2 oz container full with a blend of herbs specifically chosen to work with, connect with, and honor the God Apollo. These herbs can be used to dress candles (chimes, tealights, etc.) and can be used in spell bottles, sachets, mojo bags, essential oils, incense burning, and/or can be given as an offering to the Gods. Use these herbs however you see fit! I combine these herbs together when purchased, so these are made to order. Container and be reused for whatever you want to use it for.

Turn container upside down and shake to get smaller herbs to the top.
herbal blend contains calendula, frankincense resin, bay leaf, & orange peel

- OPTIONAL: crush your herbs with a mortar and pestle for easier application
- Choose the appropriate candles for the God (candle colors for Apollo are gold and white, yellow and orange can also be used)
- Fully and generously anoint your candle with our *Apollo God Oil or use your preferred oil for anointing
- Roll or drop the herbs onto the candle; the oil will help it stick

- preferred method for incense burning is to use a charcoal disc in a fire safe bowl (these discs will make your fire safe bowl VERY hot, so be cautious). you can purchase charcoal discs with this listing if desired.

- place incense on the God's altar, burn incense on the altar, and/or place in the offering bowl. do your normal offering rituals.

- please DO NOT leave candles or incense burning without your attention. herbs on candles can catch fire, so please be attentive and have candles burning in sight. charcoal discs will burn continuously until it's 100% ash, so be sure to extinguish after use. the container use to hold your charcoal disc will be very hot, so handle with caution and care.


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