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Chakra Spray | Balance, cleanse, clear, unblock, and align

Chakra Spray | Balance, cleanse, clear, unblock, and align

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Scent (see description):

We combine essential oils and crystals that work with each chakra in our full moon solution. These sprays are intended for balancing, clearing, cleansing, unblocking and aligning each chakra so that the chakra's can work together and flow freely and effortlessly through your body.

chakra info
- CROWN (violet): spiritual connection, bliss, & enlightenment
- THIRD EYE (indigo): strong intuition & inner wisdom, the release of the ego
- THROAT (blue): authentic expression, communication, & listening to others
- HEART (green): love, compassion, & forgiveness for oneself & others
- SOLAR PLEXUS (yellow): personal power, self-esteem, & a sense of purpose
- SACRAL (orange): sexuality, playfulness, versatility, & creativity
- ROOT (red): stability, safety, home, & financial stability

Use your favorite affirmations or listen to your favorite meditative music/sounds while using this aura cleansing spray to boost and manifest your intentions.

- CROWN: "I am divinely guided and inspired."
- THIRD EYE: "I'm connected to my spiritual truth."
- THROAT: "I communicate confidently and with ease."
- HEART: "I welcome love with an open heart."
- SOLAR PLEXUS: "I stand in my personal power."
- SACRAL: "My emotions are free flowing and balanced."
- ROOT: "I am powerful, rooted, and strong."

what's in it:
- FULL MOON WATER: blessed and charged by the energy and light of the most recent full moon
- EMULSIFIER: to help disperse essential oils
- ESSENTIAL OILS: highly spiritual cleansing oils and scents that resonate with each individual chakra
- CRYSTALS: crystals to help balance each chakra and clear blockages

shelf life:
- UP TO 12 MONTHS when properly stored

use & care:
Shake very well before use. Store in cool place/at room temperature. Keep out of direct sunlight. Spray as needed. If product comes in contact with skin and skin becomes irritated, discontinue use. Sprays may appear 'milky' due to the use of an emulsifier. This doesn't affect the sprays scent or magical properties. Emulsifiers also helps mists dry quicker and helps keeps sprays clean and fresher longer.


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