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Full Chakra Spray Set

Full Chakra Spray Set

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This listing is for 7 chakra sprays, each chakra in a 1 fl or 2 fl oz spray bottle.

chakra info
- CROWN (violet): spiritual connection, bliss, & enlightenment
- THIRD EYE (indigo): strong intuition & inner wisdom, the release of the ego
- THROAT (blue): authentic expression, communication, & listening to others
- HEART (green): love, compassion, & forgiveness for oneself & others
- SOLAR PLEXUS (yellow): personal power, self-esteem, & a sense of purpose
- SACRAL (orange): sexuality, playfulness, versatility, & creativity
- ROOT (red): stability, safety, home, & financial stability

Use your favorite affirmations or listen to your favorite meditative music/sounds while using these scented sprays.

- CROWN: "I am divinely guided and inspired."
- THIRD EYE: "I'm connected to my spiritual truth."
- THROAT: "I communicate confidently and with ease."
- HEART: "I welcome love with an open heart."
- SOLAR PLEXUS: "I stand in my personal power."
- SACRAL: "My emotions are free flowing and balanced."
- ROOT: "I am powerful, rooted, and strong."

use & care:
Shake very well before use. Store in cool place/at room temperature. Keep out of direct sunlight. Spray as needed.


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