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Commanding Oil | Command, Control, Dominate, Self-Confidence, Charisma, Self-Control, Influence

Commanding Oil | Command, Control, Dominate, Self-Confidence, Charisma, Self-Control, Influence

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The basic commanding formula for this oil consists of two roots, which is used for our Commanding Oil. They have been used together as such since the days of ancient Egypt. These two plants are blended together and are steeped in oil to create this potent Commanding Oil. The intention of this oil should be pretty obvious! Use it to have others follow your commands, wishes, or desires, dominate actions and thoughts of others, boost self-confidence and charisma, and you can also use this oil on yourself, especially when you're working towards ridding yourself of bad habits.

We steep herbs, roots, and resins in a combination of castor and jojoba oil and add essential oils to create this oil. We hand pour each bottle/vial to order and add genuine herbs and roots plus red jasper crystals for assertiveness, control, and confidence. Though it's not photographed, we also add 5 finger grass as this herb is associated with love, wisdom, money, and good fortune. It also works well when it comes to asking for favors.

Our ritual oils are a tool that is used in spell and ritual work, for intent, manifestation, and inspiration. Use them to anoint your tools, petitions, candles, spells, spell jars and bottles, mojo bags, photos, items, or yourself (third eye, temples, pulse points on the neck and wrists, above your heart, and/or the bottoms of your feet.) Also safe to use in the bath for a bath ritual and safe to use on your skin as a perfume. Use in conjunction with your intent, spells, and/or rituals associated with commanding, controlling, and dominating.

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