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Divination & Decision Making Coin | Yes or No

Divination & Decision Making Coin | Yes or No

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These coins are made of a strong and sturdy metal alloy, so they're long lasting and don't break easily. Each side has a yes or no decision which can be used to make choices and answer questions when it comes to divination methods such as tarot, oracle, or simply needing to confirm a certain answer or make a decision. Using these coins as a means of decision making and divination leaves the answers up to fate and the universe.

Start by focusing on your question, then spin these coins on a table or flip them to have your yes or no question answered. As always in divination, nothing is ever set in stone and the paths you take and decisions you personally make are up to you and will always be up to you. It's your choice to follow through with the answers and suggestions you are given through divination.

This listing is for 1 yes or no decision making coin in either silver or gold. It will come in it's own individual plastic container. Coin size is roughly 1.6 inches in diameter (4cm) and weighs roughly 24 grams.
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