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Fairy Orbs | Faerie Spell Ball

Fairy Orbs | Faerie Spell Ball

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This listing is for 1 Faerie ornament to inspire the fae to dwell in your garden(s) or your living spaces.

Plastic ornament is roughly 2.4 inches in diameter
Glass ornament is roughly 3.15 inches in diameter

Faeries are also known as: Fairies/Fairy, Fay, Fae, Fey, Fair Folk

What's in it?
- HERBS: flowering herbs that are favored by the fae (herbs in photos may differ, i may add more variety)
- RITUAL OIL: we use our Faerie Oil for invocation (this oil can be found in our Spell & Ritual Oil section)
- CRYSTALS: Fae love shiny things, so we've added aura quartz and clear quartz points to these ornaments. I've also added prehnite as this stone is known to attract fae and to help connect the space to 'higher realms', specifically realms where the fae dwell.
- GLITTER: glitter sparkles and Fae love that! choose which color glitter you'd like inside of your Faerie ornament. (i highly recommend glitter #33 as this is a holographic glitter, but choose whichever you wish!)
- CHARM: each ornament will come adorned with a faerie charm

Where do I hang my Faerie spell ball?
- in or near your garden to attract fae
- near any faerie home decorations you may have in your garden or in the home
- near a hole at the base of a tree, especially an oak, ash, or hawthorn
- in or around the home, especially near any flowering plants or plants in general
- in the space where you typically work with the fae to easily attract and catch their attention


- Shipping may jumble or alter items inside of the ornament, so it may not look like the photos shown on this listing, but will still work as intended.
- Some herbs are 'dusty' like, so the inside of your orb may appear dusty.


products used in your items are charged every full moon and are cleansed before shipping. items are made to order for best quality. do not consume contents. keep out of the reach of children. even though the product is plastic, it's still fragile and can break on impact, so handle with care. if the witch ball breaks after being displayed, see description above.

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