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Love & Relationship Tarot Reading - Guidance and Advice for Love, Romance, Break Ups, Relationships - Intuitive Tarot - PDF File + Free Gift

Love & Relationship Tarot Reading - Guidance and Advice for Love, Romance, Break Ups, Relationships - Intuitive Tarot - PDF File + Free Gift

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|| Please fully read the item description before purchasing! ||

.PDF document will be Emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase.
Free gift takes 1 processing day to be made and shipped out to you. Ship date and tracking information will be available on your purchase.

It's important that you completely fill out the required personalization before submitting purchase. Information you provide will not be shared with or shown to anyone else and will only be used for this reading. I fully respect you as a customer and appreciate your trust.

The more information you provide, the more accurate the reading will be. This listing is specifically for a tarot reading focusing on love and/or relationships. Tarot can guide you through a break up, give insight on your relationship, help you better understand a love interest or significant other, or direct you in the direction you need to go to accomplish your goals.

Tarot does NOT predict the future, but it does give guidance and insight on certain aspects of your life depending on what is asked. Everyone has free will and are free to embrace or ignore the messages tarot gives. You make and pave your own paths.

- Avoid yes or no questions
- Lean towards open-ended questions such as 'How can I advance in my career?' instead of 'Will I get the job?'
- Keep questions focused on yourself. Avoid questions like 'Does my boss dislike me?' and use 'How can I better my work relationship with my boss?' instead.
- Try and keep questions focused on the present. Instead of asking 'Did I do the right thing?' ask 'What do I need to do right now to make the most of this situation?'
- Don't focus on things you cannot control, like winning the lottery. Instead of asking 'Will I win the lottery?' ask 'What can I do to better my financial situation?'

sample questions regarding love/relationships/romance (feel free to use these if you want!)
- How can I attract a partner that will align with my highest self?
- What stands in the way of me finding love?
- How can I strengthen the relationship between me and my partner?
- How can I best overcome this issue in my relationship?
- What connects us in this relationship?

Choose whichever deck you're most drawn to! If you don't have a preference, I will happily choose for you.

I will intuitively draw 1 to 3 tarot cards to answer your question. Sometimes a question can be answered with just 1 card, sometimes more cards are need to be drawn for more information or clarity. Readings will be done on a .PDF document and sent to the email that you provided before purchasing the listing. If no email is provided, then I will personally message you and ask for an email address that is best for you. If there is no response within 12 hours, the order will be canceled and you will be refunded. The file will include a photo of your card(s) and text regarding the answer to your question. You will also be sent a free *1 fl oz Love Draw manifest spray or a *1 dram vial of Love Draw ritual oil through USPS, just pay the shipping which is already included in this listing. Please pick which item you would like in the drop down box.

*Love Draw manifest spray is a crystal infused mist that can be used to draw and manifest any aspect of love you desire in your life. Spray above your crown and around your body while saying your favorite affirmations for love. This manifest spray can help attract love, romance, and even promote self-love.

*Love Draw oil can be used to draw more love towards you. Use it for spell work, rituals, bath rituals, anointing tools, candles, spell jars, mojo bags, or use it to anoint yourself (third eye, temples, pulse points on the neck and wrists, behind the knees, under the feet) to attract any aspects of love towards you. Also amazing to use in an oil burner to bring more love into a space.


No fertility, pregnancy, health, or legal questions. Must be 18+ for readings. See disclaimer.

Message me if you have any concerns or questions.


Must be 18+ to purchase this listing. While I am super confident in my intuitive abilities and the information provided by any divination tools I use, it's Etsy's policy that I let you know the information provided during the reading is for *entertainment purposes only and should not substitute for professional, financial, medical, psychiatric, or legal advice.* All sales are final and since these are custom made documents, they cannot and will not be refunded per my shops policies.

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