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Money Honey Spell Jar | Financial Wealth, Success, Income, Money Draw, Prosperity, Manifestation and Intention Setting

Money Honey Spell Jar | Financial Wealth, Success, Income, Money Draw, Prosperity, Manifestation and Intention Setting

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Our 1.5oz Money Honey Spell Jars are filled with sweet, organic honey to have your money intentions stick and are also filled with a variety of herbs, flowers, a symbol of money (a faux $100 bill), money drawing crystals, and/or resins that are typically used in spells & rituals regarding increasing or attracting money, wealth, income, financial stability, good luck, prosperity, and abundance. We also top these ingredients with a few drops of our Money Drawing Ritual Oil so that you have a powerful tool to work with during manifesting, intention setting, spell work, and rituals. This listing will also have the option to have your jar adorned with an anointed silver Money Bag charm as a symbol of wealth and money. For these money honey spell jars, I specifically work with the Goddess Tyche.

These jars are spelled to create an abundance of wealth for it's user. While I have a ton of herbs to use, I will choose the best herbs that best suit your intentions so that the spell jar is curated just for you and your goals, desires, and intentions.

Keep these jars on your personal altar, a money/wealth/prosperity/abundance altar, in your business near, or inside your cash register, in your work space or on your work desk, or any place you need to manifest and draw money towards you. These jars can work exceptionally well if you're in the entertainment business or you are in a position of work that brings in tips (keep these jars in your work locker, etc.) Place it on top of your business card or paper bills, place it in a money bowl. You can also carry this jar around with you in your bag or purse to draw money towards you when you're out and about, but please be cautious as these jars are made of glass and are prone to shattering if not handled properly.

These spell jars can be recharged and used indefinitely. Recharge and clear your spell jars by placing it on or near Selenite, cleanse your jar of any negative energy it may have picked up with White Sage or Palo Santo, or simply wait for the Full Moon and let your jar sit on a window sill at night or outside in a safe spot where insects and animals cannot access it.

The best times to work with your jar and to manifest your money goals are on Wednesday or Thursday, during the Waxing and/or Full Moon phases, or during Jupiter's Hour.

Keep these jars out of direct sunlight, keep at room temperature. Colder environments can cause honey to crystalize and your jar can appear foggy. This issue can possibly be resolved by letting your jar sit in warm water so that the honey crystals can go back to it's liquid form. Do not open your jars as this will release the jars intent. Do not consume the contents of the jar. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
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