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Palo Santo Smudge Sticks

Palo Santo Smudge Sticks

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Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens), also known as Holy Wood, is a sweet, citrusy smelling wood and is burned before meditation, smudging and cleansing yourself, tools, or your home/space. It has been used for centuries and in many different cultures for spiritual purposes. Palo santo has been used to purify the air, dispel evil spirits, and cleanse negative energy. Some people prefer palo santo over white sage because of it's light and sweet aromatic smell. Palo santo is a sacred tree that's native to South America, hence the name 'Holy Wood'.

** The palo santo sticks vary in shape and size, so I bundled them together so that the sizes even out overall (you might get a palo santo stick that's on the smaller end, but you'll have larger ones to accommodate). Cut away the twine and use sticks individually.

how to start
Light the end of the stick (it's best to use a small tea light so you have a constant flame), let it burn for 15-30 seconds, and then blow out the flame so that smoke can be produced. Move the stick around to disperse smoke. Do not use your breath to blow the smoke around (using your breath can be seen as negative and not pure). This can be used to cleanse your space, your self, altar tools, divination tools, crystals, etc.

smudging space
While saying your favorite prayers, chants, or affirmations, smudge around rooms and in corners of rooms throughout the home. To be extra thorough, open doors such as cabinets, drawers, closets, pantry, etc. and waft smoke into these closed areas. If you're dealing with negative spirits or entities, be sure to keep yourself protected (hold onto a piece of selenite, black obsidian/tourmaline, clear or smoky quartz) and be sure to smudge thoroughly. You have authority over your space and what you say goes.

chant for cleansing a space
"Any negative energies, entities, and spirits are not welcome in this space/house. If you are not of love and light, you are not welcome here. Leave this space, now."

smudging yourself
Feel free to say your favorite chants/sayings/affirmations while doing this. Start smudging at your crown and work your way down to your feet. Make your way back up towards your chest, arms out, smudge outwards towards your fingertips and repeat on the opposite side. Imagine and feel the negativity and negative energies leave your body.

chant for smudging yourself
"I now clear away any and all energy that no longer serves me. I welcome in love, light, and energy of the highest good." OR use any of your favorite/preferred prayers/affirmations/sayings/chants.


When finished smudging, make sure the smudge stick is completely out and free of embers. Use with caution to prevent any fires.

products used in your items are charged every full moon and are cleansed before shipping. for external use only, do not consume. keep out of direct sunlight, store at room temperature. keep out of the reach of children. always test products before use. make sure smudge stick is completely free of flame/smoke/embers after use. best to use in a fire safe container.


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