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Serpent Oil | Snake Magick, Transformation, Change, Protection, Rebirth, Wisdom, Purpose

Serpent Oil | Snake Magick, Transformation, Change, Protection, Rebirth, Wisdom, Purpose

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Serpents (or snakes) are one of the oldest and most widespread mythological symbols. They represent transformation and change, as they shed their old skin and come into something new, and are often a symbol of protection, power, wisdom, eternity, and rebirth. Snake skin is a powerful item used in spell work and rituals and you'll find it in this ritual oil along with herbs and roots associated with transformation and protection. We've paired this oil with earthy essential oils as all of the earth is home of the serpent.

Snakes are also symbols of the Goddesses Hekate and Lilith, so this oil can also be utilized on their altars or when you're working with any deity who's symbol is the serpent.

What exactly do we mean by transformation?:
The constant shedding and regrowth of the snake's skin naturally represent transformative states and experience. Snake skin is sometimes used in spells to bring about change in your life, especially after a period of stagnation.

Use this oil for rituals and spell work, bath rituals, by anointing candles, petitions, mojo bags, spell jars/bottles, items, tools, crystals, and even yourself (your third eye, pulse points on the neck and wrists, behind the knees, heels and under your feet, or massage it into your hands or body/skin.) Incorporate this ritual oil with rituals and spell work regarding transformation, getting rid of the old and bringing in the new, change, new beginnings, and/or protection.

Our Serpent oil uses cruelty-free and naturally shed snake skin, herbs, black salt, roots, essential oils, and crystals associated with transformation and protection.

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