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Silver Serpent Drop Earrings | Minimalistic, Pagan & Wiccan Jewelry

Silver Serpent Drop Earrings | Minimalistic, Pagan & Wiccan Jewelry

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The serpent and the witch share a lot in common. Often misunderstood, yet eerily beautiful, they both face the world in defiance of those who fear them. Serpents associated with the deepest parts of us -- the things we fear yet cannot look away from.

Snakes play a profound role in witchcraft as familiars, companions, teachers and transmitters of magic, guardians of knowledge, and as witches them selves. The snake is central to witchcraft, spirituality, and magick. The snake is symbolic of birth, life, immortality, fertility, sexuality, health, magic, and wisdom. No animal is as identified with Magic or Great Mother Goddesses as the snake. The Egyptians associated the snake with protection and secret knowledge and the Egyptian hieroglyph for what would be understood today as "Goddess" is expressed by the image of a cobra.

The Dark Goddess Lilith and The Dark Mother Hecate/Hekate are deeply connected with serpents and it is one of their symbolic animas. Lilith, a Semitic Snake Spirit later emerged as a vampire spirit, the Queen of Demons, the Mother of Vampires. Hekate and her 3 animas (also depicted as her 3 heads) being the horse, the snake, and the dog; the snake being the emblem of the ray of light from the full-moon.

Listing comes with 1 pair of silver serpent dangle earrings. *For an additional charge, can add a matching silver serpent necklace on an 18 inch adjustable black cord.


Earring hooks are plated brass

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