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Triple Goddess Oil | Ritual & Spell Work, Altars, Invocation, Manifestation, and Intentions

Triple Goddess Oil | Ritual & Spell Work, Altars, Invocation, Manifestation, and Intentions

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We steep 3 herbs, each herb associated with either the maiden, the mother, or the crone. This oil blend was made to invoke and tap into the Triple Goddess energy, as well as aid in spell work and rituals involving moon magick, fertility, protection, and amplifying the divine feminine energy within ourselves. The Triple Goddess is the feminine/female counterpart of The Horned God and she represents the phases of the moon: maiden (waxing crescent), mother (full moon), and the crone (waning crescent). This ritual oil can be used during any phase of the moon and can also be used to call forth any of the three (3) triple goddess archetypes and their energies and associations.

On altars, the Triple Goddess is also known as 'The Lady' and is often represented as the Moon and/or the Earth. The candle color for this deity is Silver.

The Maiden represents beauty, fresh potential and new life. She's also associated with the qualities of innocence, youth, self-confidence, intelligence and independence, with activities relating to exploration, discovery, self-expression, and creativity. Many may worship the Maiden in the form of Greek goddesses Persephone and Artemis, and/or the Nordic Freyja, among others.

At the Full Moon, the Maiden becomes the Mother, giving birth to all of the abundance on Earth. She is associated with midday, and her season is Summer, the most lush time of the year, with forests and fields flourishing and young animals growing into maturity. She's associated with nurturing, responsibility, adulthood and the fullness of life. As the giver of life, she's the aspect most associated with manifestation and, by most, is considered to be the most powerful of the Goddess' three aspects, and it was a 'Mother Goddess' archetype that inspired Gerald Gardner's vision of the divine feminine. Goddesses who represent the Mother include Demeter and Selene, the Roman Ceres, and the Celtic Danu and Badb.

As the moon wanes and the darkness of the night sky grows, the Crone steps into her power. Called the 'Hag' in earlier iterations of the Triple Goddess, she represents the the post-childbearing years of life, and is associated with Autumn and Winter, sunset and night, and the winding down and ending of the growing season. The Crone is the wise elder aspect of the Goddess, and governs aging and endings, death and rebirth, and past lives, as well as transformations, visions, prophecy, and guidance. She is the one who reminds us that death is part of the life cycle, just as the Moon's dark phase precedes the New Moon. The Crone is often represented by goddesses associated with death and the underworld, such as the Greek Hekate, the Russian Baba Yaga, and the Celtic Morrigan and Cailleach Beara.

The Triple Goddess is indeed a diverse and complex expression of the divine feminine. For those who worship her, she provides constant opportunities to learn and grow through connecting to her three aspects. Whether you recognize ancient goddesses as aspects of the Triple Goddess, or simply honor the Maiden, Mother, and Crone archetypes, you can make a conscious effort to align your worship with the cycles of the Moon for an even deeper, more rewarding spiritual connection.

Ritual oils can be used to aid in ritual and spell work, manifestation, and your mood. Use them to anoint your offerings, altars, tools, candles, spells, items, or yourself. Also safe to use in the bath and on your skin. Specifically crafted for ritual and spell work or anything in association with the Triple Goddess and Moon Magick/The Moon.

Essential oils consist of rose, lavender, & lemon verbena

- Glitter colors may differ from photos because not all monitors/devices are the same, but you should get the gist of it. The glitter is cosmetic grade and is fine to have on your skin.

- Glitter will settle at the bottom, be sure to shake gently & very well before use. Crystals will help mix the oil while shaking.

if you have any allergy concerns, please speak with me! these oils can be customized to fit your needs and intentions.

products used in your items are charged every full moon and are cleansed before shipping. items are made to order for best quality. shake before use. for external use only, do not consume. for longevity, keep out of direct sunlight & store at room temperature. keep out of the reach of children. if irritation occurs, discontinue use. if using in the bath, use with caution. oil makes tubs slippery.

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