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Witch Ball of Home Blessings & Protection

Witch Ball of Home Blessings & Protection

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Moss type-color:
Ornament type (see description):

This listing is for 1 powerful witch ball intended to bring protection and blessings to your home and those who dwell there.

Plastic ornament is roughly 2.4 inches in diameter
Glass ornament is roughly 3.15 inches in diameter

Witch balls have long been associated with protection of the home and have been around for centuries.

Where do I hang my witch ball?
- Most eastern window in the home. The more towards east, the better.
- Inside or outside entrances into the home (inside preferred, but outside is fine too!)
- Front/back porch near doors/windows
- Some like to hang them on the trees on their property (the weather could damage/ruin your witch ball)
- Corner(s) of a room

what's in it
- MOSS: to entice spirits and entities into the witch ball to entangle them inside, preventing them from escaping *(you choose the type & color!)
- HERBS: associated with protecting the home, as well as inspire peace, tranquility, blessings, and happiness
- RITUAL OIL: protection & blessing ritual oils are added to inspire protection and blessings
- CRYSTALS: clear quartz, selenite, & black tourmaline

*Available Moss options
Sheet Moss (soft and plush)
Spanish Moss (stringy)


charm options (1 charm per witch ball, see photos):

while the pentagram is used for many things, it's intention for the witch ball is for protection and blessings

the symbol of the triple moon goddess and representation of the moon, intended for blessings and protection by the goddess

hamsa, or hand of fatima, with evil eye 🧿 protection. a symbol associated with warding off variations of evil intentions


- Shipping may jumble or alter items inside of the witch ball, so it may not look like the photos shown on this listing, but will still work as intended.


products used in your items are charged every full moon and are cleansed before shipping. items are made to order for best quality. do not consume contents. keep out of the reach of children. even though the product is plastic, it's still fragile and can break on impact, so handle with care.

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