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Witch's Ball Necklace

Witch's Ball Necklace

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|| Please read item descriptions & return/exchange policies ||

This listing is for 1 miniature witch ball necklace, with inspiration to protect and bless.
Globe sizes are 14mm or 16mm, attached to an 18 inch adjustable black cord.

Witches and all alike hang witch balls around their home (specifically windows facing east, the front porch, or at the entrance) for protection from evil spirits, entities, and negative energy. Of course, you don't have to be a witch or practice witchcraft to use these and they will work just the same for anybody. Filled with magical herbs and crystals that work best for protecting, blessing, and to inspire tranquility, love, and happiness. I've made these witch's balls in miniature form so that you can inspire protection and blessings wherever you go.

These witch balls are made with small, clear plastic globes, as glass items are more fragile and are prone to breaking easier during shipment. These witch balls have ingredients that were carefully selected with the highest intentions of keeping you and those around you protected physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally from any negative energies, entities, and low vibrations. You'll also never need to recharge, thanks to the Selenite added to these beautiful orbs!

what's in it
- MOSS: to entangle negative energy, spirits, and entities inside, preventing them from escaping
- HERBS: selected specifically to protect you, as well as bring peace, tranquility, blessings, and happiness
- CRYSTALS: clear quartz to raise vibrations and to empower the witch ball, selenite daggers to filter the negative energies into positive energy, as well as to keep the witch ball charged, and a piece of black tourmaline to ground and protect you.

If your witch ball breaks, then it has successfully blocked and protected you from something negative.


- Shipping may jumble or alter items inside of the witch ball, so it may not look like the photos shown on this listing, but will still work as intended.

products used in your items are charged every full moon and are cleansed before shipping. items are made to order for best quality. do not consume contents. keep out of the reach of children. even though the product is plastic, it's still fragile and can break on impact, so handle with care. if the witch ball breaks after being displayed, see description above. since items are made to order, i do not except returns, refunds, or exchanges. if the item is broken upon arrival, i will need photo proof of the damage, the box it came in, and the packing slip all in one photo and we can discuss what to do moving forward. aside from that, no returns, no exchanges, no refunds. thanks for understanding!

- Disclaimer -
etsy policies prohibit shop owners from making claims in their listings about products helping, healing, and diagnosing in any way involving spells or magic(k). please be advised that i cannot make guarantees of how any product will affect a physical change or other outcomes. we do not make promises to heal chronic illnesses or advise you to use this product as a means of self-medication. always consult with your physician if you are nursing, pregnant, or have any pre-existing conditions. items are sold as curio products, results are not guaranteed.

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