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Wood Card Holder | Tarot, Oracle, Affirmations, Photos

Wood Card Holder | Tarot, Oracle, Affirmations, Photos

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This listing is for 1 wooden tarot card holder in black with an etching of the phases of the moon. Each holder holds 1 standard sized tarot card which can be used to display the tarot card of the day. Larger cards fit as well, they will just poke out at the sides.

Purchasing multiple holders, you can use them to represent cards in the past, present, and future positions or you can use them for whatever you wish. These stands are perfect for tarot tables, altar spaces, or any place you want to display cards.

Typically when I'm doing spell or ritual work, I use these tarot stands to hold cards that represent or symbolize what I'm working on: for example, if I'm working on a love spell, I like to have The Lovers or the 2 of Cups displayed on my altar where I'm doing my spell work.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

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