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Better Business Spell Ball | Attract Business, Customers, Sales

Better Business Spell Ball | Attract Business, Customers, Sales

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This listing is for 1 powerful witch ball, intended to draw more business to your shop or company, more customers, more sales, and in turn, more profit.

Plastic ornament is roughly 2.4 inches in diameter
Glass ornament is roughly 3.15 inches in diameter

- HERBS: herbs associated with abundance and prosperity, to inspire business ethics
- RITUAL OIL: we use our abundance, prosperity, and money draw oils in this witch ball
- CRYSTALS: clear quartz points to amplify intentions and empower the spell ball, amethyst, citrine, and green aventurine for business success, as well as selenite daggers and black tourmaline to keep your space grounded and free of negative energy.
- PETITION: a petition specifically to inspire abundance & prosperity when it comes to you and your business. this may be written on petition paper OR a bay leaf and will be inside of the spell ball.

Where do I hang my spell ball?
- at the entrance of your business, company, or shop.
- a window that is at the front of your business, company, or shop.
- where you do most of your work, like an office or work space.


♥ charm options (1 charm per witch ball, see photos):

as a symbol of protection, can help aid in keeping your business safe from negativity

the symbol of the triple moon goddess and representation of the moon, intended for blessings and protection by the goddess

hamsa, or hand of fatima, with evil eye 🧿 protection. a symbol of protection

a silver money bag pendant to symbolize money and wealth



- Shipping may jumble or alter items inside of the witch ball, so it may not look like the photos shown on this listing, but will still work as intended.


products used in your items are charged every full moon and are cleansed before shipping. items are made to order for best quality. do not consume contents. keep out of the reach of children. even though the product is plastic, it's still fragile and can break on impact, so handle with care. if the witch ball breaks after being displayed, see description above. since items are made to order, i do not except returns, refunds, or exchanges. if the item is broken upon arrival, i will need photo proof of the damage, the box it came in, and the packing slip all in one photo and we can discuss what to do moving forward. aside from that, no returns, no exchanges, no refunds. thanks for understanding!

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