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Hekate Goddess Globe | Spell Ball

Hekate Goddess Globe | Spell Ball

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This listing is for 1 Hekate Goddess Globe Spell Ball in honor of the Goddess, filled with herbs, snake skin, crystals, salts, and Hekate's energy.

Plastic ornament is roughly 2.4 inches in diameter
Glass ornament is roughly 3.15 inches in diameter

What's in it?
- HERBS: herbs & salt that are associated with the Goddess Hekate
- SNAKE SKIN: cruelty free & naturally shed snake skin (snakes are one of Hekate's symbols)
- RITUAL OIL: we use our Hecate Goddess Oil for invocation (this oil can be found in our Goddess Oil section)
- CRYSTALS: clear quartz points, black obsidian, selenite, & moonstone crystals
- GLITTER: glam up it up with glitter colors that are associated with Hekate (optional)
- CHARM: each ornament will come adorned with a key charm (key shapes & sizes vary and are chosen randomly)
- WAX SEAL: black or silver wax seal 
- TWINE: twine to hold the charm & to hang the spell ball

Where do I hang my Goddess spell ball?
- on or near Hekate's shrine or altar
- in the space where you want Hekate's energy to be present
- threshold or entryway of your home for Hekate's protection
- Ask her. Hekate may guide and let you know where she wants her ornament to be (listen for her guidance!)


- Shipping may jumble or alter items inside of the ornament, so it may not look like the photos shown on this listing, but will still work as intended.
- Some herbs are 'dusty' like, so the inside of your orb may appear dusty.
- Glitter colors may look different that what is shown due to differences in monitor/screen displays.
- Some glitters appear one color, but may shine a different color. (Ex: #20 looks yellow, but reflects green)


products used in your items are charged every full moon and are cleansed before shipping. items are made to order for best quality. do not consume contents. keep out of the reach of children. even though the product is plastic, it's still fragile and can break on impact, so handle with care. if the witch ball breaks after being displayed, see description above. since items are made to order, i do not except returns, refunds, or exchanges. if the item is broken upon arrival, i will need photo proof of the damage, the box it came in, and the packing slip all in one photo and we can discuss what to do moving forward. aside from that, no returns, no exchanges, no refunds. thanks for understanding!

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