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Labradorite Crystal Towers

Labradorite Crystal Towers

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Labradorite has two characteristics: Magic and Protection. These two labradorite stone meanings have powerful elements that are protectors of the mineral kingdom, creating inner chakra and shielding you against misfortunes and negativity. Labradorite has the ability to collect negative vibrations and release positive ones to create a positive environment. This stone is usually used to meditate and balance your aura.

This listing is for 1 Labradorite Tower of your choosing.

Stone Details (sizes & weight are approx)

A. 4", 99g, has a lot of small flashes
B. 3.5", 75g, some small flashes, but not much
C. 3.5", 67g, glittery & flashes on 1 to 2 sides
D. 3.5", 74g, has a lot of small gold & blue flashes
E. 3", 70g, has a small amount of small blue flashes
F. 2.75", 71g, has decent, large flash patches

Stones are natural and vary in shape, size, and texture. There may or may not be imperfections, but that comes with every crystal.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me!


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