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Sweetening Spell Jar - Honey Jar | Sweeten a relationship, friendship, interaction, crush, or romance.

Sweetening Spell Jar - Honey Jar | Sweeten a relationship, friendship, interaction, crush, or romance.

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Rush or wait for appropriate moon phase?


This item needs personalized information in the form of a petition, so if you are interested in purchasing this item, please do so at our Etsy shop where you can submit a personalized petition here


Sweetening Jars, or Honey Jars, are used to sweeten a relationship, friendship, interaction, love interest, partner, spouse, etc. Typically associated with love spells and love magick, these jars can also be used on yourself whenever you're needing a little bit of self-love and appreciation or used to sweeten a friendship that may have gone a bit sour. If a relationship, experience, or interaction needs to be sweetened due to fall out, arguments, fights, or bitterness, these sweetening spell jars can definitely help.

BEFORE PURCHASING: These honey jars are best made during the New, Waxing, or Full Moon as these are best for intentions. I ask that if you purchase the item from this listing that you have patience as these honey jars are made depending on the phase of the moon. You can also look up which phase the moon is in so you can get a better idea on when to purchase or how long you may have to wait for shipment.

IF YOU WANT YOUR JAR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, that's absolutely fine! You can still work with your jar during the new, waxing, and full moon on your own time.

The information you provide is confidential and will not be shown or shared with anyone other than the customer. I will always respect your privacy & I appreciate your trust.

Items are charged every recent full moon and products are cleansed before shipping.


You will receive a document that explains what was used for the jar and why it was used so that you can understand your honey jar and have a better experience working with it.

For best results, keep the jar in the space where you spend the most time or on your altar. Pick up the jar on occasion and work your magick with it (this can be putting your intentions through the jar and manifesting the intent into the universe. imagine what you want out of this jar)! If the jar is opened, the spell jar will be lose the intent. Do not consume anything inside of the jar. Jars may leak during the trip to it's destination depending on how the package is being handled. If there are leaks, just carefully clean the jar and continue to use it as intended. Leave jar at room temperature, keep out of direct sunlight. The jar can be recharged under the Full Moon.

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