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Witch's Salt | Sea, Black, Pink

Witch's Salt | Sea, Black, Pink

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Type of Salt (see description):

A must have in any witch's cabinet! Salt is used in many practices and rituals and can be used for multiple purposes. This listing is for one (1) vial of whichever salt in whatever size you desire. Each bottle will be adorned with a pentagram to inspire protection. If you do not want a charm on your vials, please let me know in personalization.

Salts may vary between coarse and fine.


- Salt in general is used in ritual purification, magickal protections, and blessings.
- Some witches place salt in the four corners of the room or in a circle around them before casting spells
- Used in purification spells.
- Used to symbolize earth, one of the elements, on your altar or when you are casting. Sea salt may be used as the element water due to the fact that it came from the sea.
- Used in spell jars or bottles.
- Can be used as an offering to the Gods.
- Some people associate it with wealth, prosperity, and good luck.
- Is an ingredient used often and abundantly in Kitchen Magick (do not consume this black salt)
- Cleanses
- Throw salt to ward off malevolent spirits and energies.
- Repels many types of evil.
- Absorbs psychic energies.


products used in your items are charged every full moon and are cleansed before shipping. keep out of direct sunlight. when vials are empty, they can be reused for whatever you desire.

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